Self-Healing for Body, Mind & Heart

with Brit Kim held at The Yoga Flat Nørrebro, Copenhagen N

“Ayurveda and yoga go hand in hand. They are two sides of the same coin. That is why a Yogi who doesn’t know Ayurveda, he is a half Yogi and Ayurvedic physician who doesn’t know yoga, he’s a half physician. Ayurveda and yoga are concurrent and inherent healing systems.”

Dr. Vasant Lad, The Ayurvedic Institute 

In-depth immersion in Ayurveda for everyone – Introducing a 30-hours Ayurveda Immersion Training at The Yoga Flat with Brit Kim, DAYA Ayurveda.  

What can you expect? 

  • This training will benefit you, your family and friends as well as your yoga practise. 

Experience Ayurveda and learn the in-depth methods of self healing. 

For your own health, your friends and family – and lots of inspiration on how to bring Ayurveda into play in your daily life.

  • The intention for this training is to give you an in-depth experience of Ayurveda’s wisdom for daily self-balancing methods for body, mind and heart. 

You will practice an Ayurvedic Sadhana, find your own individual nature through pulse reading, facial reading and processes for inner connection and how to transition from micro to macro universal dimensions through the 5 koshas; layers of existence. 

  • Each training session will be an interactive space with both movement and meditation, theory and sharing. 

The sessions will map out the main factors for your health e.g. the level of your Agni, is there Ama, how to enliven your 5 sensory gates and marma points for stimulation of vital meridians and organs. We’ll go through some of the more subtle Ayurveda healing methods, e.g. meditation with mantra, pujas and Agnihotra.

Weekend 1


  • 21st 16.00-19.00
  • 22nd 9.00-16.00 incl. 1 hour lunch break
  • 23rd 9.00-16.00 incl. 1 hour lunch break

Weekend 2


  • 26th 16.00–19.00
  • 27th 9.00-16.00 incl. 1 hour lunch break
  • 28th 9.00-16.00 incl. 1 hour lunch break

Topics of the 30-hours Ayurveda training:

Philosophy of Life

  • Shankya’s Philosophy
  • Astavakra Gita

Elements & Energy

  • Mahabhutas 
  • Our senses ; 5 sensory gates
  • Sattva, Rajas and Tamas
  • Passages in the works of Charaka Samhita (often mentioned as the first Ayurvedic doctor)

Doshas; Vata, Pitta and Kapha

  • Body types and characteristics 
  • Mind & personality types and characteristics
  • Prakriti and DNA

Subdoshas & Bodily functions

  • Subdosha Vata, Pitta and Kapha

Agni : 13 types of agni in our body, mind and heart

  • Normal functions of Agni
  • What is Ama?
  • Agnidevi, Cosmic prana
  • Agnihotra, Vedic fire puja

Facial and tongue reading for diagnosis

  • Ayurvedic face reading
  • Ayurvedic tongue reading

Elements, Taste & Food

  • Taste and Actions on organs 
  • How the 6 tastes can increase the quality of your health
  • Health and Happiness in life cycles

Your personal connection with the 5 koshas of existence

  • Anna Maya Kosha : body
  • Prana Maya Kosha : breath and cellular intelligence
  • Mano Maya Kosha : mind and mental processing 
  • Vignyana Maya Kosha : wisdom and karmic field
  • Ananda Maya Kosha : awareness, pure consciousness

Ayurvedic practices for balancing our subtle koshas

  • Science of mantra for stimulating, balancing and calming body, mind and heart
  • Using oils and herbs (aromatherapy) for subtle health
  • Introduction to marma chikitsa points

Practical info

You will get 

  • 1 copy of Dr. Vasant Lad, The Science of Self Healing with Ayurveda 
  • 1 x Ayurveda start-up gift box 
  • 1 x Ayurvedic pulse reading with Brit Kim – book individually
  • Your certificate of completion 

Your investment: 5.200,- DKK

Sign up via The Yoga Flat HERE.